Care each startup dream carefully

High Quality High quantity

BStudio is a minifactory which in BSpro,

To make sure the cargo of mass order keeps 100%same as sample,

We invited 3 partners who own rich experience to work with it.

they work with samples and mass orders whole time.

It means, you will get what you have got.

Perfect, “ Looks Perfect”

Good item cost time.

We would like to pay attention on each design for at least 3 months,

to Make it perfect, not only “looks perfect”.

Studio, “ Factory”

In stead of make it bigger and bigger,

We would prefer increase the quantity of studios.

Every day there are new ideas come to this world,

Every day they are waiting for BStudio.

Each design should be cared carefully.

Multi Choices for each part, It is Your Unique Design

We have stocked more than 500 kinds of accessories for toys, pillow and bags in our Studio,

you can choose the one you preferred to plus on your design to make it unique.

Toys and pillows, “ Only”

Per rich experience in stithcing line and local in FACTORY CITY,

We could supply more products with perfect quality, like bags, bibs at a reasonable MOQ and cost.

In one word, we could supply all textile items which be made by stitcking.

Perfect Item & Service !

This is an amazing company, I’ve just sent a picture, then he make it out!

and copied 200pcs same items for me at a favor price!

I have to say BStudio made almost impossible.

–  by Herry Hobs in U.S.

Care, Carefully

We understand you want it be boutique,

We understand you want it be workable cost,

We understand you want lower risk in a new market.

That is why we are Studio, not a big factory