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BStudio Cases

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29 Dec 2017 – 03 Feb 2018

Herry Hobs is a startup boss want to produce a 100pcs self-design cars. before BSpro, he has contaced plenty of factory, but they offered a pretty high price, or refused to such a small order – Herry almost lost the confident on it. Ivas is his friend, who has worked before and keep in touch with Nab(owner of BStudio), Then he introduce Nab to Herry to see whether any opportunity to help the fresh boss.

After a detailed study on the design, Nab provide some workable suggestions on the design, and made a sample for Herry Hobs. Herry feels perfect on Nab’s Service, quality and price. So he placed the order to Nab, and Nab put the order to BStudio for production – who design the toys, who produced the toys.

– Herry Hobs in US
Product: Customized plush car
Size: 10CM * 20CM
Quantity: 100pcs

13th March 2018 – 27 May 2018

Chel, from Germany, who has sent an RFQ request on alibaba which majors in baby bibs, and it was catched by Vincent.
Chel has write a lot in RFQ and repeat mentioned safety and environment. and the quantity is 300pcs for 2 designs. there’s several suppliers has sent the offer, Chel choose 5 suppliers to have a further discuss, and sent sample orders to 2 supplier – one is BStudio.
half a month has gone, Chel got the samples in hand. after compared their quality and price, BStudio won this case.

– By Chel in DE
Product: Full Cottom Baby Bibs
Size: S / M
Quantity: 300pcs for 2 size

08th April 2018 – 29th June 2018

“ I am a stuff of gift company in Singapore which belongs to a Japanese. My boss asked me to find a supplier who could work with high quality products in Mass order. One of my friends suggest me to contact BSpro, He says’Though it is small, but it majors in boutique, and all items will be produced by sample maker. it means you will get 1000pcs samples as mass order. you won’t feel regret.’ that’s why I choose BStudio. and my market sales is Nab, their owner, who is pretty professional, polite and patient. in one word, a pretty good cooperation except production time is a little longer, but I think it is worthy.”

– By Batty in SG
Product: Business Mascot
Size: 30cm
Quantity: 1000pcs